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Art center welcomes the support of volunteers with the wide range of interests and skills. Volunteers are active participants in the life of Art center and work closely with the staff.

Volunteer help is needed in the following fields:
- administration on an 'as-needed basis' (general office skills, preparing mailings, filing and data entry, clipping articles, etc.)
- cultural management (funding, organization, project application, promotion activities)
- development and organization of public events (art, ecology and youth)
- seasonal work - maintainance of the premises (general house-keeping tasks) and natural surroundings (ecological garden, landscape design, cutting wood, ...), daily house work help (cooking, cleaning, etc...)
- ICT management ranging from computer maintainance, web page development and design, documentation of events etc.
- library archiving systems (for books and other media)
- community work within the local inhabitant/environment

If you want to join us and give us a hand, send us an e-mail...


Art center offers European Voluntary Service program as a hosting and sending organization. EVS volunteers are helping with the development of Art center since 2003. We are interested in 6 months or 1 year voluntary programs with individuals below 30 years of age, sharing interest for artistic, youth, ecological and other developmental projects.
For more information about EVS program click here or write us an e-mail 'EVS at the Art center'.

If you are below 30, from Slovenia and interested in doing EVS elsewhere we'll be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right information. So feel free to contact us on our e-mail 'EVS abroad'.


Next to EVS volunteers, Art center also welcomes all other volunteers – we work with local, national and international guest volunteers.

Except from the help from local volunteers, other voluntary work is based on short-term or specific projects due to our limited accomodation and financial support.

Since most of the voluntary work oppurtunities depend on the ongoing projects and programs at the Art center and seasonal work needs, contact us for additional information on our e-mail 'Voluntary work' or check our open calls for voluntary work oppurtunities under the 'News' section on our web page.

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