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.:: November 2013 ::.
Rick Simpson at the Art center
25th November - 2nd December
Art center hosted Rick Simpson, world famous activist from Canada. During his stay in Slovenia, Rick has done a series of lectures and presentations regarding medicinal use of cannabis, where he presented his story and experience with cannabis extract in treating different medical conditions.

He has met with numerous cancer patients from different parts in Slovenia, activists and members of Slovene Cannabis social club, who have been collecting signatures for new Law on cannabis in Slovenia. Also, news reporters have done a series of interviews and reports about Rick's cause.

You can read more about Rick Simpson on Phoenix Tears and read/watch a series of news reports:
Newspaper Delo, Magazine Jana, local newspaper Vestnik
24ur - 1. video clip, 2. video clip
Val 202, Sunday guest show

August 2013 ::.
Ecotopia Biketour 2013 at the Art center
12th - 14th August, Središče/Szerdahely

Art center will host Ecotopia Biketour during their first stop in Slovenia this year - we've hosted Ecotopians already in 2006. We'll be talking about the Art center project, making raised garden beds, repairing Art center's bikes and building insulation of the residential house. Cheers to all of us!

And what is Ecotopia Biketour all about?
'Ecotopia Biketour is an eco-mobile do-it-yourself community that has been practising aspects of activism, alternative ways of organising and sustainable living, throughout different areas of Europe for over 20 years. The Biketour is for anyone interested in DIY, environmentalism, activism, community life and experiential learning, from cultures, from challenges, and from each other. Ultimately, it is whatever you make of it!'

Read more about Ecotopia Biketour...
Check our mini blog for a short report...

June 2013 ::.
7th Eco Villages Day
15th - 16-th June
The traditional spring eco-village day will happen on the other side of Slovenia, in Prekmurje. Saturday's celebration of life and sustainability will be held as an open space and will offer unpredictable but wide range of useful skills and a lot of fun!
On Sunday we will do a permaculture action, visit the eco-social farm Korenika in Šalovci and other local attractions.

Information and registration:
Organized by: Institute of eco-villages and Art Center

More about the event on our blog...

.:: May 2013 ::.
Villagers' visit at the Art center
18th May
Villagers from Domanjševci/Domonkosfa visited Art center on their traditional tour. They learned about the Art center mission, its complex, the garden and surrounding area... in the end we also exchanged seeds :)



  .:: November 2012 ::.
ENCOD meeting at the Art center

8th November, Središče
  .:: April 2012 ::.
Work weekend + Gillespie
6th-9th April
We were busy working during prolongued week-end at the Art center - cleaning the forest, preparing wood and cutting branches. Thanks goes to Chish, Simona, Tomaž, Ivana (tnx for the photos!), Maja, Dragan, the whole Gillespie crew and association Mozaik for letting us borrow their equipment!
  Brainstorm 04/11 - GLASIR II: Meeting of the project team
At the Art center we'll be brainstorming together with partners of the project which we applied with for Swiss Contribution Programme.
  Rainbow children; 13 -15th October
International team from Germany, Sweeden and Slovenia is conducting comparative research, entitled: Homophobic Motivated Violence as Experience of Children growing upwith Homosexual Parents in the Context of School. Their working meeting that is going to take place at Art centre Središče, is sixth in a row and last before final conference in Berlin.
The project is financed by EU programme Daphne III.
Read more about the project:
  Zbüjdi se! 15-19/08 - "Wake up!" Festival - Day at the Art center 17/08
The festival intends to offer quality free time program for children, youth, older generations and especially those with less oppurtunities during summer time. Our society is overflown with stereotipes, prejudices and other life views that lead to exclusion. Our intention is to overcome stigmas (different social groups, people with special needs, ...) and develop compassion and understanding of those differencies in early age through sport activities, workshops and social events. Through phisical and social interaction, the participants of the festival will meet those with phisical, sensory or emotional disabilities, mental or health disorders and people who intentionally or unintentionally choose a different lifestyle. At the same time, our intetntion is also to promote value of volunteering.

Read more about the festival...


Work-weekend Social Center ROG and IWW - Invisible Workers of the World
17th – 19th June
Art center will host activists from Social Center ROG and IWW – Invisible workers of the world. They will discuss past year experiences (organizing within IWW, Social Center and ROG, networking in Slovenia and abroad) and plan future activities - politization of precarity, broadening focus, ...


Art center hosted acoustic duo Vialka (F).


ŠKM Ambasada Beltinci/DIM
Working meeting with the team of ŠKM Ambasada/DIM at the Art center.