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Art center hosted two bands after playing at the Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci - MART and MAJMOON REDUXE.
It was a beautiful day so our guests had a jam session going on in front of Art center.
Short sleeves in November, music in the sun... not bad at all.
  Kevan Trott (UK) - Earthbuilds Europe
Art center hosted Kevan Trott, chartered surveyor and environmentalist of the Earthbuilds Europe, who is the owner of the first 'official' earthship home in Europe. Kevan responded to our invitation to plan an earthship - a radical sustainable housing and met with architect Ira Zorko and building engineer Stojan Habjanič.

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  Social center, ROG Factory; Ljubljana
"Last weekend in April the activistst of Social center Rog from Ljubljana had an organizational week-end in Art center. The need of such an event came from a fact that the collective of the Social center expanded in a relatively short period of time, therefore an organized work week-end was necessary to prepare further guidelines and to cristalize vision of our work in the future. At the same time we had to reflect upon our past activities; 'retreat' to Goričko also presented a possibility to step back and look at the intensive activity of the Social center in Rog of the past few months. During the visit we had 4 intensive meetings about the aforementioned themes and re-charged our batteries for further actions."
For Social center Rog, Danijela

3. Grošev tur - Story-telling tour by the team of Za 2 groša fantazije
Grad – Murska Sobota (MIKK)– Domanjševci/Domonkosfa – Vučja Gomila

'Grošev tur is a story-telling and musical journey, touring in different small places and slovene regions. Untill now we toured in Primorje and Dolenjska region and in Bela Krajina.

Our home is on the Radio Student in Ljubljana, where each day during the week, we prepare a show, presenting fairytales from domestic and foreign traditions. With the fairytales we traveled almost the whole world on the radio, but more concrete we also travel through Slovenia - we tell the sories live in font of the public. Our story-telling and musical events are for everybody: adults, youth and children. Our experienced story-tellers, Radio Student speakers and guest musicians are reviving an almost forgotten tradition of story-telling. We tell stories that are in some places still alive and pass on from generation to generation and talk about all sorts of troubles and joy, that are common to us and our ancestors. We believe that they should be preserved. Stories about greed and kindness, happiness and misfortune, about hate and love, miracles and much more ... children as the grown-ups like to listen to - as in the past, when stories were told in front of the warmth of the fireplace. The fireplace we replaced with a stage. Exciting, humorous, sad and scary stories move our audiences. Stories, accompanied by live music, try to find their place amongst the people.'

Produced by: Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta
Project supported by: Radio Študent, Art center, MIKK Murska Sobota and Krajinski park Goričko

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MARŠ 20: workshop of documetary film at the 20th anniversary of Radio Marš
'Marš 20 is a project of production of a 50 min documentary film of educational and experimental characteristics, discovering meaning, role and stormy history of Maribor Student Radio - Marš, together with our listeners and viewers, for its 20th anniversary in 2010.

The specialty of the project is its participatory creation. It is intended for the listeners of radio Marš, cultural workers, students and current and former radio co-workers. They will be a part of the project in all production phases - from pre-production and research, revealing the history of the medium, current production and future postproduction under the mentorship of video artists from and professional guidance of the team of Art center in Goričko.'

Project is organized by supporting Association for Radio Marš, and in co-operation with the partners of the project - Art center, Pekarna MM, Radio Marš and