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Youth from local surrounding and elsewhere can find a socializing and cultural place in Art center, where they are invited to spend their time in creative and stimulating environment, have a talk or two, share experiences and information.

You are invited to relax with table games or outside activities in Art center, where you can find equipment, tools and accessories, borrow a bicycle, you can join our volunteers that can teach you a lot of things - computer programs, basics of digital photography, video editing, stop-motion animation, filming, audio recording, printing techniques, pottery, sculpting, painting etc. or show you how to make hand-craft (masks, pupets, creative recycling, sewing, juggling etc) and give you language lessons. Come and share your ideas!

In Art center you have free internet access, information leaflets for youth and also a small but well equipped library with books, films and music.

Since our youth center is a space where all sorts of (sub)cultures and brains meet, enter with your eyes and ears open for diversity of our other visitors.

Join us!

For additional info, suggestions, requests, proposals and voluntary work, contact us on our e-mail or call us on 00386 2 544 91 08.