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  At the Art center Artists' Asylum      

General information
Art center is drafted as a complex of three buildings of total surface 1300 m², located on a meadow in the middle of fields and forests.

Central part with common spaces (dining room, kitchen, library, multimedia room/office and toilets, laundry and showers): Completely renovated ex-Yugoslavian border guard house.

Working spaces (studios, artistic foundry, storage): Partly built - finished foundry with workshop, three open studios & finished upper long studio.

Residential part (8 two-bed rooms, office): In 2005 with the help of german craftsmen guild Axt&Kelle total surface of 500 m2 residential part is built till 3rd construction phase (foundations, walls, roof - without doors, windows and installations). In 2012 the building is insulated with natural materials.

Multimedia: computers, printers, optical scanner, LCD projector, DV and HD camera, complete equuipment for DV and HD editing and other equipment for different purposes (audio, video, graphics).

Artistic foundry: gas casting furnace with capacity up tp 500 kg bronze, casting tools and instruments, instruments and tools for modelling, different electric tools and equipment (saws, drills, polishers).

Working spaces: basic tools and materials for traditional artistic practices, gas ceramic stove with capacity of 3m³ (do 1300ºC).

Residency application
Artists are welcome all year round. Because of unfinished infrastructure, residencies can last from few days to 2 months max, if not arranged otherwise.

Even though we are under major reconstruction processes on all levels and wish to preserve individual approach, we still ask all interested to fill our application form with basic information:
- your motives for residency at the Art center
- short description of your project
- short cv, examples of your work or your web page (if you have one)
- contact


Artists normally cover costs of their transport, staying and material costs of the project if not arranged otherwise.

We kindly ask ask all interested to plan their residency at the Art center in advance which gives us time to find additional funding for the residency.

For all further details about funding oppurtunities contact us on our e-mail.

Artists' duties
Artists are kindly asked to maintain studios and shared spaces. And, of course, invited to cook a communal meal.

We encourage artists to prepare workshops or other public events (lectures, presentations, concerts, performances) in co-operation with organizations and individuals of Art center's network.

More info

For all further details don't hesitate to contact us on our e-mail with subject title
'Residency - At the Art center'.

Have a look at the past residencies here.