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  At the Art center Artists' Asylum      

Artists' Asylum was built in 2007-2008 by the team of Art center.

In the end of 2006 Art center in Središče/Szerdahely, its working team and guest artists and volunteers were evicted by police.

At that time, Art center team was granted an empty space in building Hlevi, a part of the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova Mesto in Ljubljana, which was completely renovated and used by the team of Art center during a year and a half in exile.

In the meantime, Art center team won the legal battle in the court, gaining back the right to continue working in their own space.

Newly renovated Artists' Asylum thus became, as a part of continuous mission of the Art center team, an asylum for artists facing similar threat or in need, and an AiR programme offer in co-operation with KUD Mreža.

General information
Artists' Asylum is situated in Metelkova Mesto, in building called Hlevi. It is a 40 m² working and living space with basic furniture (double bed, drawers, tables, chairs) and air-condition system.

Common kitchen (equipped with shared kitchenware) is in the same floor of the building (entrance 10 m from the studio), where are also shared shower and toilets.

There is an internet connection (wireless and cable). We kindly ask artists to bring their own equipment and tools needed for their work.

Since there are many artists, clubs and organizations working at Metelkova Mesto, it is possible to arrange the use of other spaces and borrow equipment and tools for the work.

Residency application
Artists are welcome all year round. Residencies can last from few days to 3 months max.

Even though we are under major reconstruction processes on all levels and wish to preserve individual approach, we still ask all interested to fill our application form with basic information:
- your motives for residency at the Artists' Asylum
- short description of your project
- short cv, examples of your work or your web page (if you have one)
- contact


Artists normally cover costs of water, electricity, waste disposal, security costs and material costs of the project if not arranged otherwise.
We kindly ask all interested to plan their residency at the Artists' Asylum in advance which gives us time to find additional funding for the residency. For all further details about funding oppurtunities contact us on our e-mail.

Artists' duties
Artists are kindly asked to to maintain studio and common spaces (kitchen, toilet, shower).

We encourage artists to prepare workshops or other public events (lectures, presentations, concerts, performances) in co-operation with organizations and individuals working at Metelkova Mesto (clubs, gallery, etc.) and Art center and its contacts.

For all further details contact us on our e-mail with subject title 'Residency - Artists' Asylum'.

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