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Residential art centers
Residential art centers are spaces commited to artistic creation. Usually they offer working and living conditions for guest artists. Residency for individual artists or groups can last from few weeks to one year, sometimes even more. These centers offer time and space, equipment, technical and organizational help for realization of artistic projects. Since there are more artists living and working together at the same time - from different fields and environments - they share experiences, information, ideas and knowledge. Residential art centers are therefore stimulative production spaces.

Next to their basic role, art centers usually offer also additional program and activities, such as organizing cultural events, presentations, lectures, workshops etc. for residents and wider public, collaborate by developmental, ecological, scientific projects... Art centers are internationally oriented spaces thus at the same time connected to the local environment and its contexts.

In many other countries in Europe and world wide residential art centers and Artist in Residence programs (AiR) are successfully functioning for decades as spaces that ensure development of art and mobility of artists. Worldwide there are more than 300 of them, each unique and special in its own way. In Slovenia Art center in Središče/Szerdahely is yet the first and only one.

Prekmurje is mainly an agricultural region, with the highest rate of unemployment, low educational level and high depopulation level.

Art center's activities fall within culture, art and development and tries to be actively involved part of the local and wider community. We work on local, national and international level and bring together people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, professions etc. and encourage mutual understanding. We promote youth mobility, voluntary work and informal education.

Art center offers cultural events (exhibitions, creative workshops, concerts, cinema), educational workshops and in its' own way fights against isolation and marginalization of rural areas through artistic, developmental projects and innovative approaches.
Art center tries to embrace and connect:
- Artist in Residence (AiR) program
- multimedia center (equipment and enabling free public access to ICT)
- youth cultural and informational center
- center for informal education and development
- ecological center

How we work
At the moment we are few enthusiasts working as volunteers.

Due to unfinished buildings our activities are still limited, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening at the Art center. We are all the time struggeling to get funding to finish the complex and mostly depend on public funding for different projects and programs.

Most of the projects and programs happen in collaboration/through our social network - we have connections with people from different backgrounds, professions and interest, ranging from artists & craftsmen, other cultural institutions, galleries, NGOs and individuals working in fields of culture, ecology, sociology, youth, farming, science, economy, media etc.
So a lot of possibilities are open and if there's a will, there's a way!

Our vision
At the moment we are mainly focused on finishing the Art center complex - without at least the residential part activities of Art center are limited, since our guests do not have the oppurtunity to stay for longer periods. Our visions about Art center are growing through time and we are constantly questionning ourselves how to carry on with what we've started some 10 years ago. To become self-sufficient is also one of our long term goals - solar panels and geothermal energy heating system, our own food production, waste water treatment with reed-bed etc..

But soon more about our vision...