Due to our current situation, we are a team of few enthusiasts, hardworking and passionate about art in all its forms. We are supported by local and international short & long-term volunteers, friends and family.

Most of what we do happens in collaboration with like-minded and through our social network – people from different backgrounds, professions and interest, ranging from artists & craftsmen, other cultural institutions & galleries, NGOs and individuals working in fields of culture, ecology, sociology, youth, farming, science, economy, media etc.

Depending on the needs of ongoing programs and specific projects (AiR or any other kind), we invite and welcome all sorts of collaborations. Two heads are better than one, and when spider webs unite, they can tie up almost anything.

So, who is holding the fort?

Zdravko Pravdič – Pec

‘Founding father’ & programme manager


As the president of ONEJ – Association of Prekmurje Initiative, main establisher of the institution, he is the ‘founding father’ of the Art center project, intensively involved in all it’s activities.

Has lifelong experience in the field of cultural management and organisation and has been involved in preparation, implementation and development of diverse national and international projects.

Master of improvisation. Loves ice-cream and kung-fu movies.
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Vita Žgur

Artist & manager

Studied sculpture at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. Works at the Art center, where she’s been actively involved since 2003. Works as a cleaning lady, gardener, cook, artist, mentor, and for the last couple of years, a voluntary manager.

Art is one of the rare areas where she can merge her ideas, knowledge & skills, research and curiosity all the while being a free but responsible person.

Art is Life and Life is Art.
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Julian Simon

EVS volunteer

Escaped busy city life of Berlin, Germany for a one-of-a-kind volunteering experience through EVS program.

Interested in all sorts of politics & philosophy, sustainable ways of living and is an environmental activist. Translates interesting articles and publishes his own fanzines.

At the Art center, he helps the team with eco projects, daily tasks and chores, and is responsible for networking.

Learning how to play benjo & practising juggling.
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… and let’s not forget our beautiful animals


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6 cats – 3 girls and 3 boys. Tereza as the oldest at the Art center since 2002, followed by her grand-daughter Farty, then Božo and Silvo (the ‘Dalton’ brothers) and Francesca & Vili (the youngest and fluffiest).



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Ilonka – our beloved dog, now already an older lady with stories to tell.