We invite you to participate!

Meet and work with us and in exchange we can offer our skills and know-how, promotion, our gratitude, a good time, some great food and other goodies.

For individuals

We invite you to work with us, help with our projects (or propose your own!), document our endeavors with photography and video, help with networking & getting our story heard or volunteer through our programs.


There are many opportunities for artists of all kinds to collaborate on our projects. Apply for a residency, tell us about your work and we can discuss ideas.


Invite us to lecture, show our work/films, give a visiting artist presentation, create a panel, collaborate on projects. There’s so much we could to together!


We invite companies, organisations and individuals to sponsor us by donating materials, tools or equipment that relate to our projects and we’ll make sure your support will be visible. Donate for our cause.


We welcome journalists, bloggers, writers of all kinds and photographers to join us on our journey for a day or several days or… Contact us and we’ll make it happen.