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Art center is located in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia in region called Prekmurje. It is situated inside the Natural Park Goričko, 150 m from the border with Hungary.

Art center is based on a small hill between two bilingual villages – Središče/Szerdahely and Domanjševci/Domonkosfa.

In Slovene language, Središče means the center. And if you look at the distances to the near capitals of bordering countries, Art center is really a center of a special kind!

Distances to near capitals & airports

Ljubljana (SI) – 210 km
Maribor (SI) – 90 km
Vienna (A) – 217 km
Graz (A) – 90 km
Budapest (HU) – 275 km
Zagreb (CRO) – 165 km
Bratislava (SK) – 230 km

Arrive by car

Call us for further details or directions if your GPS device gets lost. Our suggestions if you’ll be arriving by car from the center of our region:

1. Murska Sobota – Moravske Toplice – Prosenjakovci/Partosfalva – Središče/Szerdahely
In village Središče/Szerdahely follow the signs for Art center (turn left by the firemens’ house in the village on a makadam road).

2. Main road Murska Sobota – border crossing Hodoš/Hodos
Just before the sign for Hodoš/Hodos turn right over the bridge, drive 3 km to the village Domanjševci/Domonkosfa and follow the signs for Art center (first left from the main road and right on the makadam road up the hill).

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Arrive by train

We can come and pick you up, but let us know in advance.

1. Border crossing and train station Hodoš/Hodos, Slovenia-Hungary
Distance to Art center cca. 7 km.

2. Train station in Bad Radkersburg, Austria
Distance to Art center cca. 35 km.

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