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Fast forward to April

It’s been ages since our last post and there’s a good reason for that – too much work and 2 months have passed so quickly! So here’s a FFWD to April…

February 2014: From Schnapps to Hemp

Thanks to Ana and Martin, Katja and especially Marjan and Jakob, we are learning… Read the rest

New Year, New plans

It’s been ages since we posted something on our blog. We’ve been living and working in the shadow of the past years’ work, unexpected ad-hoc campaign, illness and unwanted but necessary paperwork – reports, project applications etc. We’ve had two projects rejected,… Read the rest

Eco graffitti

Eco graffiti, also known as green or moss graffiti, is an environmentally friendly alternative of graffiti making without using chemicals while bringing back nature into the concrete, urban reality. The advantages of eco… Read the rest