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Straw Bale Garden tutorial

We’ve been practising straw bale gardening method this year and we are fascinated by the results. That’s why we want to share useful info with all of you who want to try this exciting new gardening technique.



 Preparing the straw bales

When starting with a straw bale garden, you have… Read the rest

Apple tree companion planting

After making the soil airy, we fed the apple trees with manure and planted onions and garlic next to some of them. While working on all trees, there are many more companions to plant next to trees, such as marigold, basil, mint, lemon grass, nasturtium, comfrey, coriander, fennel, dill… We already… Read the rest

Potato, potato

We’ve been also busy making new garden beds – raised, lasagna and straw based garden beds.

New garden in the making

Straw ones are a test for growing potatoes. Here’s how it’s done (and we’ll report on the results):
– prepare the surface: this type can be grown … Read the rest