Category: Ecological garden

Winter sowing

For a blog start of 2015, we will write about experimenting with winter sowing. It’s been a long, quiet and busy winter and what is better than preparing for the new gardening season… So, what is winter sowing? Winter sowing is starting seeds outdoors in winter. Yes, that’s right! If you don’t have a green […]

Geodesic dome?

Our dream of having a geodesic dome greenhouse is finally becoming reality. Wood for the construction is prepared, plans and equipment ready for the next step… If you want to learn about geodesic dome construction, join our upcoming workshops where we’ll be building a 5m biodome!   3D model of a geodesic dome (source: Domerama) […]

Community work

Yes!    Community work works! TNX to Association Panonetum and our dear friends (Chish, Simon & Aleš) all garden beds are prepared, planted and thriving with a protective net (hail!) and a string fence (deers!).   Preparing the poles, digging the holes, placing and support for the wooden construction, placing the fence and covering the construction with the […]