Artist in Residence

We understand art as a research practice – a way of learning about ourselves and our relation and interaction with the world around us. Our residencies are focused on production – creation, development and realization of ideas.

Our understanding of an artist is broadly defined – it’s not so much about the genre but the ability to be effective in terms of the project/idea you want to pursue.

Art center is a on-going long-term art project on it’s own.

Art center offers residencies for creators from different fields – art, sciences, ecology… to whom we offer space, time and support for realisation of selected projects.

Artist in Residence Program

Our residency programme is mainly directed at artists and other creators worldwide in the field of contemporary art, whose work is connected to concepts and issues of ecology & environment, social relations, interactivity, community building, public space, rural development. The main focus of this programme is on visual arts, but artists from other disciplines are welcome to apply as well.

At the Art center, we are commited to art practice that works across the full spectrum of society, with special attention given to transdisciplinary projects.

We encourage artists to prepare workshops or other public events (exhibitions, lectures, presentations, concerts, performances, open studio, artist talks, screenings, themed dinner party, …) in co-operation with organizations and individuals of Art center’s network. Residencies provide the openness and opportunity for projects to be realized at off-site locations throughout the direct community, region and beyond.

Residencies are possible on two locations – at the Art center in Prekmurje region and residential studio Artists’ Asylum in Ljubljana.

Art center (Prekmurje)


Art center is drafted as a complex of three buildings of total surface 1300 m², located on a meadow in the middle of fields and forests.

Central part with common spaces (dining room, kitchen, library/guest room, open sleeping area, multimedia room/office, toilets, laundry and showers, storage room): Completely renovated ex-Yugoslavian border guard house.

Working spaces (studios, artistic foundry, storage): Partly built – finished foundry with workshop, three open studios & finished upper long studio.

Residential part (8 two-bed rooms, office, garage): In 2005 with the help of german craftsmen guild Axt&Kelle total surface of 500 m2 residential part is built till 3rd construction phase (foundations, walls, roof – without doors, windows and installations). In 2012-2013 the building is insulated with natural materials (clay, straw, reed plates).

Artists’ Asylum (Ljubljana)


Artists’ Asylum was built in 2007-2008 by the team of Art center after eviction from the Art center in Prekmurje. At that time, Art center team was granted an empty space in building Hlevi, a part of the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova Mesto in Ljubljana, which was completely renovated and used by the team of Art center during a year and a half in exile.

Newly renovated Artists’ Asylum thus became, as a part of continuous mission of the Art center team, an asylum for artists facing similar threat or in need, and an AiR programme in co-operation with KUD Mreža.

Artists’ Asylum is a residential studio of 40 m², divided into working and sleeping area, equipped with basic furniture & bedding. Kitchen, toilet and shower are shared with neighbouring artist studios and A-Infoshop community within the same floor of the building.

How to apply

We are a creative and self-sustainable community, not a hotel.
Your presence makes a difference, not profit.

Application process guidelines

Please read our guidelines carefully and follow the instructions described in the form.
Due to our current situation (we are few for too many tasks), we kindly ask to send us complete applications and not to over-burden us with too many additional materials or random files.

We prefer it nice and lean, straight to the point.

1. Open call for Artists-in-Residence
Art center is offering residencies for foreign and slovene artists, who would like to stay and work at the Art center or Artists’ Asylum. During their residency they can engage with the social network of Art center & local community, research and produce artworks, present their work and build networks with the slovene arts community.

2. Deadlines?
Artists are welcome all year round – do plan ahead as so many factors have to coincide.

3. Duration of residency
The duration of residencies are not limited and are determined on a project-by-project basis, with ongoing conversations throughout a residency. Residencies to date have lasted from few days up to a year.

4. Application form
Even though we are under major reconstruction processes on all levels and wish to preserve individual approach, we still ask all interested to fill our application form. The application form asks for basic information such as:

  • artist statement & motives for the residency at our place
  • description of the project and proposed budget/funding,
  • contact details, short cv, work samples or www

You can download the Application form below:

Application form Art center (.zip)

Application form Artists’ Asylum (.zip)

Download (.zip) and fill in the application form (docx or pdf) and send it on our e-mail address. You can also attach up to 5 images of your recent work & cv, if you believe it’s necessary or needed.

5. Feedback
We will inform you about our decision within a period of 1-3 weeks and/or contact you back with any further questions we might have regarding your proposal.

Costs & funding guidelines

1. What are the costs covered by the artist?
Artists normally cover accomodation & meals, travel and material costs of the project if not arranged otherwise. We usually practice sliding scale fees/costs based on the ability of the artist to pay for their residency.

2. Which costs are covered by the Art center?
Unfortunately, we are not able to cover any travel or material costs of the AiR projects at the moment. We can be flexible with accomodation and meals, especially during the summer/autumn season due to our own food production. If we really like your project or feel it’s essential for the Art center at that moment in time, we are prepared to bend further and spare some of the other costs too.

3. Are there any other funding options?
We kindly ask all interested in help with funding to plan their residency at least 6-12 months in advance. This period gives us time to find suitable open calls and prepare necessary project documentation or find other means of additional funding or sponsorship for the residency. For all further details about funding opportunities contact us on our e-mail.

Accomodation & Meals

1. Accomodation options
Due to unfinished residential building of the Art center complex, we are limited with space for our guest artist. We can however comfortably host up to 4 persons in the main house, and if you are not too rigorous about the accomodation conditions or don’t mind sharing a room, we can expand that number according to your needs (groups or couples).

We provide bedding and towels. In summer, there is also possibility of sleeping in the attic of the unfinished residential building (we provide matresses) or setting up a tent (we have two tents at disposal – one 2 persons & one 4 persons).

At the Artists’ Asylum there is a double bed in the sleeping area and a pull-out couch for additional sleeping space. For shorter periods, it is also possible to accomodate more people, if sleeping area is extended in the working area of the studio if needed.

2. Meals
At the Art center, we cook organic, seasonal vegan & vegetarian meals. During warmer periods, we produce most of vegetables ourselves or buy from local organic farms. We encourage our guests to join our cooking practice and share a recipe or two.

We cook for ourselves and usually also take care of meals for our guests: self-serving breakfast and we take care of lunch & dinner. Depending on our agreement or specific dietary needs, we can adapt to any other meal arrangement, or you can cook for yourself.

At the Artists’ Asylum guest artists take care of their own meals. Kitchen is shared with other artists and A-Infoshop community on the same floor of the building.


At the Art center, we have one shared car for errands and groceries. We also have 3 bicycles that can be used by our guests for free.

Other means of local public transport are a bus line (bus station walking distance; once per day) and local train (5 km distance; few times per day) and possibility of carpooling.

Artists’ Asylum is situated within the Ljubljana city centre and across the street from the main train station. All means of usual city transport are available in close proximity – renting bikes, buses etc. and a daily shuttle to Ljubljana airport.

Community work & Contribution

Artists are kindly asked to maintain sleeping areas, studios and shared spaces (kitchen and dining room, shared toilets and bathroom) if not arranged otherwise.

Our guest artists are invited to help renovate buildings, maintain grounds and gardens, create publications (wesite, blog) or help with fundraising – max. 12 hrs/week – according to their skills and experiences. And, of course, artists are invited to cook communal meals and join other on-going projects.