Fast forward to April

It’s been ages since our last post and there’s a good reason for that – too much work and 2 months have passed so quickly! So here’s a FFWD to April…

February 2014: From Schnapps to Hemp

Thanks to Ana and Martin, Katja and especially Marjan and Jakob, we are learning about the art of schnapps making for the first time. We have mixed and plum schnapps of highest quality and we’ll be developing our own herbal remedies.
And if this is not enough, we participated at the public discussion on Draft law on Cannabis in Slovene Parliament – empty temple of democracy, and empty it was… Our Motto: We’re as many as grass and leaves!

 Master Marjan and apprentice Jakob
Schnapps making at Suhi Vrh
At the slovene parliament – public discussion on Draft Law on Cannabis
March 2014: From wild garlic to cornel, from apple trees to willows and back to hemp again
Years ago we transplanted some wild garlic bulbs in our surrounding and they are finally producing and spreading. Therefore we are enjoying wild garlic in all forms – spreads, salads, pesto and much more… Healthy and delicious wild food from around the corner 🙂
Apple trees needed feeding and we also bought 15 cornel plants which we planted in our fruit tree orchard. It’s been a lot of digging but we will be healthy from now on – we have a saying in slovene: As healthy as cornel!
Our friend Tanja invited us to join her on a little trip to Croatia where we took a look at willow manufacturing plant. You just can’t forget the lovely smell of willows.
And last but not least – we organized a seminar titled Use of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes in Ljubljana. TNX goes to our lovely guests from Canada, USA, Israel and Slovenia. A big thank you!
 Spring risotto with asparagus, peas, carrots and wild garlic, salad and wild garlic spread
Feeding the apple trees
In our spare time we dig holes – TNX to Simon and Pec, our cornel plants will grow happily ever after.
Visiting willow manufacturer in Croatia with Tanja Borovšak /
First seminar in the Demistifying Cannabis series titled Use of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes
After a transdisciplinary FFWD, here we are, April 2014.
We promise we’ll be up to date from here on…