Bugs’ life

Sometimes we find an interesting bug and with a help of our friend Lučka Zorko, we learn about the mysterious creatures living among us.

Butterfly called Kentish Glory (Endormis versicolora) has been our guest on our kitchen window for a few days. We’ve learned it is not very common, has big bare green caterpillars that eat birch leaves. As Lučka says, they are not very aggressive.

Endormis versicolora

White ‘worm’ below could be the larvae of the May beetle, also called June bug. They are a common pest in our gardens. They develop in earth for 3-4 years and once during this cycle eat everything around them. When this happens, it is called the year of the beetle. We have found them in our compost pile and under the rotten wood while cleaning the leftover logs.


TNX goes to Lučka for another bug enlightenment!