Green tomato jam with ginger and vanilla

And here we go with the second recipe – green tomato jam with ginger and vanilla.


2 kg green tomatoes
1 kg sugar
5 cm ginger root
vanilla bean
cinammon & clove
juice of 1 lemon

glass jars and lids

Clean and chop green tomatoes in small cubes. Juice 1 lemon. Clean vanilla bean and peel and chop ginger root. Put all ingredients together in a pot and bring to boil, stirring occasionaly. When it’s starting to boil, bring the heat to minimum and cook for about an hour and a half (up to two hours). Stir from time to time.
You can use less sugar if you want – adjust to your taste.



Inbetween prepare the jars and lids.


Pour jam in glass jars, remove air bubbles with a knife, clean and cover with lids. Cover with a blanket and let the jam cool slowly. Ta-da!



PS: You can check the consistency of the jam by putting a small spoon of jam on a plate and letting it cool down. If you’re satisfied with the jam then you’re done, otherwise cook a little bit longer.