Eco-building Workshop, Day 2: Floor insulation with straw

Second day of the workshop – by lunch first box of floor insulation with strawbales was finished. Strawbales were filed between wooden beams of the ceiling and fixed with wooden boards. Some of the strawbales were cut with a chainsaw to fit the remaining gaps. Inbetween we prepared filling with coconut fibres for corners – contacts between wooden construction and concrete walls of the garage.
Plan for today: another round finished by dinner 🙂

Straw bales everywhere – around 360 +
First bales placed
 Learning the steps: trial and error
 Fixing the strawbales


Last strawbale in the row needs to be cut


 Preparing the coconut fibre filling


Cold shower after work

Oh, and by the way – a Google car just passed when we were finishing the first round – so you’ll see how sweaty we were on WWW.