Ecological building workshop 2013

Join us on a 5-day ecological building workshop at the Art Center, where we will learn about theoretical and practical principles of ecological building – insulation of the floors/ceilings with straw bales and building of a wooden construction for storage under mentorship of natural building expert Stojan Habjanič.


5th – 9th August 2013

€ 150 per person (30 euros / day)

Registration fee / contribution includes:
• Mentoring (theoretical and practical work)
• Materials for the work
• accommodation (bedroom block, tents) and
• vegetarian / vegan food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

We accept applications by the 3rd August 2013 on our e-mail
with subject title ‘Ecological building workshop’
Hurry up, the number of participants is limited!
For any further questions please contact us!

This years’ workshop will be a continuation of building process of the residential complex of Art center. In 2013 we will continue with insulation works – floors/ceilings of the residential house and build a wooden construction for firewood storage through theory and practical work, focusing on how we can do the work ourselves on a tight budget.

Drywall construction of floor/ceiling:
• preparation of the wooden structure for insulation with straw bales,
• installation of straw bales inside the extended joists (from below).

Building wooden construction for firewood storage:
• lean construction with planks,
• green flat roof.

“Step-by-step ‘construction with the assistance of mentors, friends and volunteers under the principles of” learning by doing “DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and DIWO (Do it together with others).
In 2005 we built the residential building till 3rd construction phase (natural wooden building – foundations, walls and roof) of the Art center complex with voluntary help of 30 members of the German craft guild Axt & Kelle. In 2012 we insulated walls of the residential house with straw, clay and reed plates, and built reed-bed waste water management system for Art center.

This is how we intend to work in the future also.
With minimal resources required. With and for the people.




Since 2000, the Art center is a site for exchange of knowledge, experiences, realization of ideas, quality socializing and networking. Our vision is to become self-sufficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly and creative community that is actively involved in local and international realities.

Construction of the residential part of the Art center complex presents for us a much-needed base for the centre to become fully functional. Due to lack of understanding of cultural policy what residential art center is all about, without the support from local and national authorities, the complex of Art center, unfortunately, remains unfinished for the 13th year.
Nevertheless we are determined to continue with our work, with our own engagement and voluntary work and continue with our longlasting efforts to realize our vision.
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