Let it grow

Here are some photos of the garden: most of plants are planted, still some work to be done: mulch, support for the plants, 2 raised garden beds + some adjustments… final plan in the making 🙂


IMG_0706_result.jpgCherry tomatoes with basil


IMG_0708_result.jpgCarrots, leek and salads


IMG_0709_result.jpgRadishes and garlic, last years’ salads for seeds


IMG_0710_result.jpgGoji berries


IMG_0711_result.jpgSalads, basil & tomato plants


IMG_0712_result.jpgTomato plants with red beans and salad


IMG_0713_result.jpgSome plants left


IMG_0715_result.jpgYellow garden daisy, peppers & onions


IMG_0716_result.jpgSalads, chervil and garlic on one and paprikas, tomatoes, basil and salads on the other


IMG_0717_result.jpgPeas and spinach


IMG_0718_result.jpgOnions, kohlrabi & carrots




IMG_0720_result.jpgBeans and radishes


IMG_0721_result.jpgBroccoli, nasturtium, onions and marigold


IMG_0722_result.jpgTransplanted asparagus


IMG_0724_result.jpgSalads, runner beans and corn


IMG_0726_result.jpgOnions, beetroot and parsnips from last years’


Squash, runner beans, salads




IMG_0732_result.jpgCabbage and mangold on one and peppers on the other