New Year, New plans

It’s been ages since we posted something on our blog. We’ve been living and working in the shadow of the past years’ work, unexpected ad-hoc campaign, illness and unwanted but necessary paperwork – reports, project applications etc. We’ve had two projects rejected, one by a half of a point, and there’s two on-going with faster pace and yearly programe. Let’s not forget stress accompanying the lawsuits against us and the court cases we filed.
Nevertheless, it’s also been the usual wintertime studying, researching, making plans and developing new ideas. And film-night marathons. Being snowed in isn’t at all that bad.


So the first thing we’ll do this year will be adding new content to our blog – more specifically about food, self-sustainability and all that jazz. It’s been our (pre)occupation for some time now. Our garden is wondeful but it lasts for too short period.
We’d like to build a green house, so we can have healthy and delicious crops for a prolongued time + cut the costs of our expenses. We’ve been living on leftover ‘crumbs’ so to speak and we need to invest more effort into becoming as independent and self-sufficient as possible. And we can do better than we are doing now.

Expect some more interesting posts on food – growing, preparation, storage, tips and tricks… and recipes of all sorts.

Till then.