Reed panels

Residential building now has a new coat – reed panels were installed on the wooden construction, insulated with straw and clay mixture. Below you can see another week-end action with the help of activists and support through an art intervention by the New Media Cross-Border project.

Here’s the photo tutorial of the process:

Reed panels
Drills, screws and shims


img_9122_new img_9100_new
Panels are measured and cut by angle grinder or re-tied with metal wires


Plastic shims are used for screwing the panels on the wooden construction
img_9128_new img_9110_new img_9102_new  img_9094_new
img_9138_new img_9147_new img_9117_new img_9116_newTa-da!

It looks beautiful! Our house will stay warm during the winter – thanks goes to all of you!