Protection against hail

Since 1st May this year we already had 5 hail storms. Usually we had one or two in August but weather in general is becoming more and more severe. That’s why we decided to protect our garden with a net which would cover the whole area of the garden and protect our crop.
Here’s a short description of how we made it.



First we drew a plan together with our friend Chish. We decided to make wooden (acacia) pillars as the base structure on which we would make a wire mesh that would connect pillars and hold the net in a double roof structure. We measured everything and set the position of the acacia pillars with intersecting ropes, considering also the static requirements of the pillars – we had to support the outer pillars for a stronger hold with oblique smaller stems.

Mozaik – association for social inclusion helped with cutting the trees and peeling the bark off acacia (they last longer that way), but also with drilling the holes (60 cm deep) in which pillars would be later placed.

IMG_5878.jpg IMG_5892.jpg
Bottom parts of pillars were wrapped in strong plastic, so that the trees wouldn’t rot so quickly inside the soil. When standing, pillars were later cut to the right hight. We used nails to attach the wires on pillars, on which later the net would be placed to cover the garden.There are several intersecting wires tied between the pillars. When the wires were tied, we started to cover the wire mesh with the double-woven net against hail.


IMG_5931.jpg  IMG_6063.jpg


We finished our protective net just before the second hail hit (we were completely soaked and just managed to run under cover before the hail started), and we’ve had 3 more after that. We were lucky that none of the hails so far were longlasting – we’ve had couple of minutes of hard hail up to now. Our newly made net protected our garden and we are glad our work invested in the garden won’t be that easily destroyed!

IMG_6201.jpg IMG_6208.jpg